Soft-tissue Laser (gummy smiles)

Do you feel nervous about your gums showing when you smile?

A gummy smile means that the ratio of gum to teeth is not ideal for appearance. You may feel self-conscious when you look in the mirror or when you smile because you feel that too much gum is showing, or too much gum is covering your teeth. The gummy smile laser (or soft tissue laser) can sculpt your gums so that you feel more comfortable when you smile.

A gummy smile can be caused by two things:

  • Excess gum tissue (genetic)
  • Overactive muscle movement in the upper lip (which exposes more gum)

And here at Refresh Dental Spa in Brisbane we can help you transform your smile so that your appearance is improved.

Laser technology is an alternative for dental surgery

Lasers are one of the greatest advancements in dentistry. They offer non-invasive treatment for a range of conditions such as:

  • Gummy smiles
  • Sterilisation and treatment of periodontal pockets and periodontitis (gum disease)
  • Healing of ulcers
  • Pathology

Before and After gum laser

The procedure itself is efficient at reducing the amount of visible gums by physically removing and reshaping areas of gum that cover the teeth, making it ideal for gums that are more apparent due to genetics.

For your comfort you will still be able to receive local anaesthetic so that you can be completely relaxed throughout treatment. Many patients prefer laser technology as it does not require the use of scalpels, which means that recovery time is significantly reduced and you do not require any sutures. You will also not have to go through the vibrations of a dental drill which many patients can find painful or uncomfortable.

Laser treatment for gum disease

Laser technology can also be used for the treatment of periodontitis (gum disease). This condition is developed when tooth decay progresses and infects the gum and soft tissue area. This can result in gingivitis (the preliminary form of gum disease) and full blown gum disease which cannot be cured once contracted. The condition can, however, be managed with the use of our soft tissue laser which eradicates bacteria on application.

Muscle relaxants for gummy smiles and dentofacial aesthetics

If your upper lip recedes and exposes your gum when you smile then you may benefit from a muscle relaxant instead of a soft laser treatment. This procedure will reduce the action of the muscle, while still allowing you to smile. Dentofacial aesthetics are about transforming the area of your appearance that extends beyond your smile. This can include anywhere on your face including your lips and your eyes, as your face is the frame for your smile. To find out more about how the muscle relaxant procedure works please view our dentofacial aesthetics page.