Dr Kristina Cain, principal dentist and owner of Refresh Dental Spa, says it’s important people have a family dentist they can trust.

All dentists at Refresh Dental Spa are genuinely caring and highly skilled,” Kristina says.

Our entire team endeavours to create an atmosphere of positivity and security for our clients.

Focusing on excellent dental health and enhanced smiles, Refresh Dental Spa is in the Queen Street Mall in the heart of the CBD.

We are ‘people’ people and strongly believe in treating every individual as a VIP,” Kristina says.

Fortunately, we’re not alone in this ethic, and work with our amazing referral network o talented specialists and like-minded professionals.

Refresh Dental Spa is like the ‘base camp’ for good health and low stress, a kind of dental sanctuary.

So, ask yourself, what do I need for peace of mind at the dentist? Are my dental issues causing me ongoing emotional or physical distress?

Taking action is the key and the team at Refresh Dental Spa is here to help you along the journey.

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