Payment Options

Here at Refresh Dental Spa in Brisbane we offer payment plans and payment options to ensure our patients are not avoiding treatment because of the cost.

Seeking the care you need for your dental health is important for your overall healthy also. Ignoring the signs of dental pain can lead to more serious problems in the future – which is why we make it easy with our payment plans at Refresh Dental Spa.

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HICAPS is a health claims billing solution for healthcare providers and allows patients to have access to easy payment processing solutions through their particular health fund. This means that with HICAPS you can receive your health fund claim immediately. Not only does this save you time but it also saves you money- with HICAPS claims you do not have to pay a merchant service fee, meaning you save that fee every time you use HICAPS!

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Looking or a layby solution for payment needs? Certegy is direct deposited out of your account each fortnight so you don’t have to worry about coming back to our practice to pay, BPaying or heading to the bank each week to pay off your treatment. This can be managed online from your account and used to pay for your dental treatment.

downloadHCF is a private health insurance company that provides patients with the security of payment, service and coverage for your dental treatments. With HCF you can feel comfortable if you have a dental emergency or require urgent dental attention.
depthumanAt Refresh Dental Spa in Brisbane we offer bulk billing for preventive treatments under the Australian Government Department of Human Services’ Child Dental Benefit Schedule (meaning you will receive the full amount back) however you will have to pay upfront and submit the claim to Medicare to receive your full refund.