If you just reviewed your latest family photos and are cringing at your broad smile and excessive exposure of gum tissue, then you are not alone.  Many feel self-conscious of their gummy smile which is extremely unfortunate. People should never feel that they need to hide their happiness or consciously refrain from smiling.  If you’re self-conscious of your smile due to gum exposure, then soft tissue laser dentistry can correct these issues and help you to regain your confidence.

As technology progresses we see advances in how dentistry can be carried out and what is able to be achieved for clients.  Laser treatments are an effective method to safely remove soft tissue within the mouth with great precision and effectiveness.  Soft tissue laser means that treatments can be carried out in a less invasive manner than traditional forms of dentistry.  The soft tissue laser is able to be generally administered with either little or no discomfort at all.  Treatments are able to be carried out in a significantly reduced amount of time, with less pain, less swelling and a reduced recovery period.

Soft tissue laser has several uses apart from the treatment of gummy smiles, it also is a means of healing mouth ulcers, can be used for pathology purposes such as biopsies, for destroying bacteria and is effective in the treatment of periodontal pockets and gum disease.  The use of laser means there is no longer a need for patients to undergo treatments involving a scalpel or have stitches following procedures.   The lasers are completely safe with appropriate safety protocols in place.

So if you would like to reshape your smile, then contact the team at Refresh Dental Spa and learn more about their soft tissue lasers and you will be sure to gain such pleasing results that it will be difficult to not make you smile, click here.