Children’s Dentistry involves the care and treatment of developing teeth including gums and jaw structures. Dentistry programs for children should include a range of dental services from routine preventative care to specialized children’s care. To coordinate a child’s dental care and provide a complete service often involves a team of dentists, orthodontists, oral surgeons and even speech therapists for complex problems.

The development of healthy future adult teeth and correct speech depends on healthy baby teeth and healthy young gums. A child’s first visit to a dentist should be around the time of their first birthday. The first visit to a dentist is often more about introducing your child to a dentist and a dental clinic environment. Making your child’s first dentist appointment coincide with an appointment of your own for a regular check-up for example, can make your child more relaxed and able to receive a dental examination or any treatment they may require.

A child’s initial dental exam includes ensuring teeth are coming through correctly and their gums are healthy.  Jaw and facial bone structures are examined to check for any development of crowded teeth or tooth alignment issues. Some issues are minor and may correct themselves over time but there may be times when problems arise that may require a need for orthodontic treatment in the future. Early diagnosis is essential for guiding the teeth into their correct position and reducing the possibility of orthodontic intervention at a later date.

Early introduction and education about dental hygiene is recommended for all children. Your child’s oral health will benefit from you actively encouraging positive dental hygiene practices at home. This should include making sure your child’s teeth are brushed every night and every morning after meals, flossed frequently and even teaching your child to use dental floss themselves when they are coordinated enough.

Introducing your child to dentists and dental hygiene at an early age teaches children that dental visits are a normal part of life and will help them to develop healthy dental habits to care for their teeth into the future.

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