One of the most attractive things about the human face is a perfect smile. Just as we are drawn to bright eyes, you can’t help but be drawn to someone with a lovely bright, white smile. Orthodontics have helped to resolve the issue of imperfect teeth for decades, and in more recent times tooth whitening treatments and porcelain veneers have become widely available to assist those looking to achieve a perfect set of pearly whites. But what if the problem is more than just your teeth, what if you were blessed with a gummy smile? The good news is that nowadays there are treatments available that aim to correct a gummy smile.

Many people are completely unaware that there are cosmetic options available to correct their gums showing. Just as crowded or discoloured teeth can cause self-esteem or confidence issues, so too can a gummy smile. If a gummy smile is impacting your enjoyment of life, preventing you from smiling, laughing or avoiding having your photo taken, then it might be a good time to seek professional advice.

Cause and treatment:

Your dentist will need to examine your smile fully to determine the cause of your gummy smile. Understanding the cause is the first step in deciding on the best treatment solution. Usually, the issue is not just the gums but the size and shape of the teeth and or the position or size of the upper lip can also play a role. In most cases the tooth is not as visible as it should be and remains hidden under the gum. To treat this problem, a soft tissue laser can be used to sculpt your gums making the crown appear longer and the gum much less visible. In some cases where the upper recedes to expose the gum when you smile, your cosmetic dentist may recommend a muscle relaxant / cosmetic injectable treatment instead of the soft laser treatment. This will still allow you to smile of course, but will reduce the receding of the upper lip when smiling.

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