We are all conscious of our smile, but apart from how we look, replacing a missing tooth or teeth, is important for other reasons such as:

  • Preventions of degeneration of jawbone density
  • Preventing the movement of existing teeth
  • Protecting the remaining natural teeth but spreading the occlusal or bite forces

Dental implants are considered to be the most significant development in modern dentistry, revolutionising the way dentists can deal with the loss of teeth and creating a permanent, solid foundation for prosthetic teeth. Creating a prosthetic tooth that looks good and wears well is the result of good communication between you and your dental professional.

Titanium posts are placed in the exact position where teeth are missing and after around 3 months these integrate with the bone forming a solid, permanent foundation. Supports for prosthetic teeth (abutments) are then attached to these implants. Then an implant crow is attached to complete the restoration.

Implants can dramatically improve the look of your teeth and how you speak and even eat. Implants also preserve the integrity of the jawbone and existing teeth, while providing a permanent solution to tooth loss. Dental Implants perform like natural teeth better than any other treatment.

Dental Implants are also an excellent solution when the viability of restoring a badly damaged tooth is in question. Successfully restoring a badly damaged tooth can be an expensive exercise and we see many cases where the restoration has failed after a number of years. In this case a dental implant may have been a far more viable solution.

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