Take a sneak peak into the average Australian Woman’s bathroom cabinet, and you’ll likely find thousands of dollar’s worth of skincare products; from anti wrinkle creams, collagen treatments and eye creams all promising to turn back the clock, diminish wrinkles and plump out those dark circles around the eyes.

It’s no secret that we would all love to keep our youthful plump and healthy looking skin. But inevitably with age comes those dreaded lines and wrinkles. There are a few things we can do to from home to delay the process such as cleansing and moisturising daily, eating a healthy diet, avoiding smoking or excessive alcohol consumption and of course ensuring we get plenty of sleep. However, once those lines eventually appear, it is near impossible to reverse them without a little medical intervention.

Facial injectables are an affordable semi-permanent option that can last anywhere from 3 – 9 months depending on the treatment. Some products work by relaxing the muscles, you’ll see fine lines disappear in a few days and the treatment lasts on average 3 months. This type of treatment is great for around the eyes, forehead and frown area. Other products work by plumping and filling deeper lines, lifting cheeks or enhancing lips. This type of treatment usually lasts longer, anywhere from 6-9 months.

Quite often we find first time clients are somewhat concerned or nervous about looking plastic or unnatural. Dr Kristina Cain at Refresh Dental Spa works carefully to achieve the right look for her clients after in depth consultation to ensure client satisfaction. Dr Cain has many years of experience in administering facial injectables and is the name you can trust when it comes to cosmetic injectables and cosmetic dental treatments. Book your consult today on (07) 3221 2292 or learn more here.