Teeth do so much for us in our day to day lives: they enable us to chew our food, provide cheeky smiles for those candid photos and aid our speech and self-confidence. But what do you do if your teeth aren’t as white as you would like them to be? How can teeth whitening change your appearance and restore your confidence?

Teeth whitening is a process whereby your dentist will apply various products and an accelerating light to bring out your teeth’s natural pearly white appearance. ┬áThe first thing you may notice with whiter teeth is that you smile more (which may attract the admiration of others) and that your new set of pearly whites make you feel better about yourself.

Teeth whitening also has the bonus of sometimes taking years off your appearance. Unfortunately, yellow teeth are commonly associated with ageing. Whiter teeth will also make you look and feel healthier and look great!

Although purely psychological, many people who have had their teeth whitened often report that they feel more confident in their day to day lives due to a reduction in anxiety associated with appearance.

Who knows? With this added confidence you might find yourself nailing your next job interview, or feeling more at ease on that special date. Whitening can help you look immaculate on your wedding day or other social occasion that calls for lots of photos (or selfies!)

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