Once we have our adult teeth there are no second chances, we need to care and protect these teeth to help them last a lifetime.  Preventative dental is a very important step to help ensure both your oral health and your general overall health is in good condition.  It’s a little like servicing your car to identify minor problems before they become major ones, however it involves something so much more important, it’s your health.  So what exactly is preventative dental and what is the importance of preventative dental for your overall health?

Preventative dental is the establishment of a good oral care routine at home (which involves daily flossing and twice daily brushing) along with 6 monthly dental visits.  Your preventative dental visit involves oral hygiene education, oral examinations to check for any changes in the teeth, an oral cancer check, looking for signs of damaged or loose fillings and any problems in the jaw joint.  They will also provide a professional clean, polish and fluoride treatment.

Preventative dental helps to avoid potentially serious health problems from occurring.  There is so much more we are finding out about the importance of good oral health and its effect on our overall body.  Studies have proven that there is a link between gum disease with other health problems such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and an increased risk of stroke.  Additionally, gum disease has been also linked to premature birth and low birth weight amongst pregnant women.  This just highlights the extent to which oral health impacts on your overall health, and the significance of good oral health care.

Finding issues early on means they can be treated in a minimally invasive manner with minimal expense. Identifying and treating problems in their early stages could also play a significant role to identify signs of early disease and help prevent more serious health complications from arising.

So now we know that dental care is so much more than just keeping our mouth clean, it really is a whole body health issue. Contact Refresh Dental today and book in for a check up and clean.  A regular visit saves money in the long run, but most importantly, it actually could save your health and even your life.

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