Exciting News

To my dear and trusted patients, I'd like to update you on some exciting news here at Refresh Dental Spa! In May this year, we will move our current practice to Suite 1-2 on Level 8 and merge with Dr Nick Sheptooha's practice. We are all very enthusiastic as the...

Correct a Gummy Smile

One of the most attractive things about the human face is a perfect smile. Just as we are drawn to bright eyes, you can’t help but be drawn to someone with a lovely bright, white smile. Orthodontics have helped to resolve the issue of imperfect teeth for decades, and...

Facial Injectables

Take a sneak peak into the average Australian Woman's bathroom cabinet, and you'll likely find thousands of dollar’s worth of skincare products; from anti wrinkle creams, collagen treatments and eye creams all promising to turn back the clock, diminish wrinkles and...

Positive Dental Care

Dr Kristina Cain, principal dentist and owner of Refresh Dental Spa, says it’s important people have a family dentist they can trust. All dentists at Refresh Dental Spa are genuinely caring and highly skilled,” Kristina says. Our entire team endeavours to create an...

Restorative dentistry and rejuvenation for your smile

It happens from time to time, you're playing a game of backyard cricket, or had a mishap of some kind and you find yourself baring a not so toothy-grin anymore! You’re left wondering what are your next steps are to regaining your smile? Restorative Dentistry is the...


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