Do you suffer from sleep apnoea, snoring, bruxism?  Splints and guards may be able to assist you with a better night’s sleep.

These sleep conditions can be extremely serious and have a major impact on your wellbeing. Snoring and sleep apnoea involve problems with the airways during sleep.  Patients are often unaware of the serious issue but may show signs of symptoms such as; waking tired and unrefreshed, daytime fatigue, disturbed sleep or gasping for air.  Bruxism is a very common disorder which involves unknowingly grinding and clenching your teeth during sleep.  As a result you may suffer with sore jaw joints and muscles, headaches, aching teeth and excessive wear of the biting surface of teeth which may result in tooth damage and possibly tooth loss.

Refresh Dental Spa provide custom made splints and guards that provide an effective treatment for these conditions.  The snoreguards and night splints are individually created based on moulds of your teeth to ensure a perfect comfortable fit.  Depending on which condition you present, they can aid in improving airway breathing, stop further erosion of tooth enamel and relieve most or all of the associated symptoms of the individual conditions.

Splints and guards are safe, easy and economical treatments that can provide an effective outcome to your sleep conditions.  Refresh Dental Spa also can supply custom sports mouthguards to provide protection to teeth when playing contact sports such as football, volleyball, basketball, hockey, baseball, gymnastics or martial arts.

It’s great to know that these conditions are treatable and further complications are preventable.  It is even better to know that the treatment is so simple and straightforward.  Don’t comprise your health and well being, if you are concerned about possibly suffering with a sleep condition, seek treatment by discussing your symptoms with our friendly team at Refresh Dental Spa.