So we are constantly told that we need to visit our dentist every six months, but why do we actually need to see a dentist regularly? We have put together the top five reasons why you need to visit the dentist twice yearly:

  1. We need the lecture, or should I more politely say the subtle reminder about “the importance of cleaning twice a day, flossing every day and reducing sugary foods”. How many of us ramp up our oral health routine around this six month check-up.  Most of it we already know but that reminder from a dental professional somehow has a positive impact on our dental routine which can last for months (hopefully 6 months).
  2. The dental team can clean your mouth like no buzzing electric toothbrush or flossing machine invented can. Once plaque hardens it turns to tartar and you can’t remove tartar at home.  It sticks to your teeth and can only be professionally removed. A good scale and polish will do the trick to restore that shine and glimmer to your teeth.
  3.  To detect problems early and treat them sooner. Only the dentist can detect early warning signs of decay. Most cavities or cracks don’t cause pain until they are a major issue, so identifying issues and treating them before they cause havoc is the way to go.
  4.  “Check-ups” address more than just teeth and gums. Going longer than 12 months puts you at risk of conditions such as oral tumours going undetected for too long.  An important part of the check-up with your dentist is looking for any suspicious lumps and bumps in your mouth and throat.
  5.  The problems get more invasive the longer you wait. Gum disease if left untreated can lead to the requirement of deep pocket scaling, extraction or even surgery. Cavities or decay can lead to root canal therapy. Save money, pain and potentially having a gappy smile by preventing more complex dental treatments.

Minimise the occurrence of long-term dental problems.  Don’t wait until it’s too late, and your beautiful smile has disappeared.  If you sincerely want to maintain your teeth, then six monthly checkups are essential.  When did you last have yours?  Contact Refresh Dental today for a check-up and clean and your beautiful smile will gleam.